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Welded Sheet Metal - Facility

For over 70 years, Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Company has met and exceeded the expectations of our customers.

Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Company can be considered an extension of our customer’s operation. We build your products more efficiently and affordably for our clientele, which saves you money over buying your own equipment to produce your custom sheet metalworks. Many of our customers are commercial or industrial producers of specialty products and parts who do not have the volume to justify leasing or buying the type of heavy equipment that we own and operate.


Exceeding Expectations for Over 70 Years

For over 70 years, we have also provided leading Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Transportation industries parts and components to their demanding specifications. Regardless of the size of the company, all deserve and receive our utmost attention to produce quality parts and components.

We are proud to have successfully supplied parts for numerous monumental events. Examples include parts and components in the first nuclear submarine (Nautilus), life support backpacks for the Apollo Moon Project, robots used in the clean-up of the Three Mile Island radiation problem, and components for the Hubble telescope.

Additionally, we can also provide secondary services such as deburring, hardware assembly, sawing, shearing and tapping. Click here to learn more about our additional services.

Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Company’s real offering is our expertise and experience in conjunction with the quality workmanship and powerful machinery to bring your vision to life. Take advantage of our services to prototype, stock, and store custom metalworks for your end users, that you can be reordered as needed.

Whatever your stage of product or part design, whether you’re designing, prototyping, or re-creating parts and products that have been previously produced elsewhere, we have the unique combination of equipment, expertise, and experience to help you bring any sheetmetal project to fruition, and we’ll offer these services at a value that can sustain and grow your individual operation.


To see how Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Company can help with your projects, contact us today.