Additional Services

Design Consulting

Design ConsultingWhen our clients come to us with drawings, our team immediately begins to assess the drawing and issues that may cause problems with product. We’re well positioned to provide solutions and advice that ensure projects proceed in a simple, straightforward manner.

Our aim is to help you troubleshoot problems before production. We’ll partner with your team to identify possible material and design issues before they turn into major problems later. Our team will also assess whether any special tooling is necessary later in the production process.

At Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Co., we have over 70 years’ of experience in prototyping and product services. Our knowledge and understanding of the industry gives us insight into which concepts and ideas translate into usable parts. Our team’s extensive experience position us to:

  • Ensure higher quality results than our competitors, especially when we partner with clients to pinpoint projects that look great on paper but may not translate well to the real world
  • Produce products quickly and keep costs low
  • Craft products with fewer functional issues, thanks to our commitment to identifying and solving design errors before production, including cutouts being too close to a bend, improper bend sizing, etc.


Prototyping & Product Development

Prototyping & Product Development Our expert design team performs all of our prototyping services in-house. Each customer gets equal time and attention for their prototype process. Clients can receive prototypes for review prior to production and collaborate with our team to address and rectify potential roadblocks to project success.

This prototyping process offers our customers the opportunity to share feedback and guide adjustments as necessary. We understand the importance your vision of your project and its success; our knowledge and expertise paired with your unique viewpoint will allow us to assess and solve problems as soon as they’re recognized.

Customers approach us when they’re still unsure of what they require. Because prototypes offer a more tangible way to observe and understand a product, clients can interact with them and determine exactly what changes need to be made. This approach is notably more effective than simply offering drawings or sketches on paper.

Finishing Processes

We offer our customers a range of finishing processes designed so their parts and components meet their expectations. Some of our finishing processes and value-added services include:

  • Accommodation of aesthetic and cosmetic needs
    • Adds shelf appeal and perceived value for end-users
  • Outsourcing to external contractors
    • Contractors work diligently within their own specialty
  • Partnerships with high-quality 3rd party vendors
  • Painting
  • Plating
    • i.e. silk screening, anodizing, chromating
    • Seals and protects items from rust

Your Partner for Every Design, Prototyping, and Finishing Need

FinishingWelded Sheet Metal Specialty Co. works to provide a quality product for every customer—we don’t rest until all of your needs have been met or exceeded. We ensure our production process leads to a product you are proud to put your name on.

Whatever stage you’re at for product or part design, whether you’re designing, prototyping, or re-creating parts and products that have been previously produced elsewhere, we have the unique combination of equipment, expertise, and experience to bring any sheet metal project to fruition. We offer these services at a value that will sustain and grow your individual operation.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today to discuss
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