CNC Forming

CNC FormingThe CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) brakes in the Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Co. facility provides us with the capacity to bend sheet metal to precise specifications. Light gauge metal forming is our specialty, but we can bend up to 0.25 inch thick steel. We have a 10 foot long/135 ton, Cincinnati Auto shape brake that can bend 11 gauge (.125 thick) steel sheet. Additionally, we have a 5 foot long/60 ton Accurpress with a high tolerance back gauge – it has a holding tolerance of ± 0.015 or less.

We also have pinch rolls starting at 1.0 inch dia. two foot long up to 5.0 inch dia. 5.0 foot long. The smaller rolls are used on thin material 26-28 gauge (0.020-.018). We have a 4.0 inch dia. roll 4.0 foot long for 16 gauge (.059) and lighter material. Finally, the 5.0 dia. 5.0 foot long roll can form steel up to 0.187 thick steel plate 5.0 foot long. As a rule of thumb, the minimum diameter rolled on each size roll will be greater than the rolls’ diameter, depending on the material thickness. The maximum diameter for all our rolls is unrestricted.

The use of our bent and rolled sheet metal products is common in a variety of applications, including:

  • Equipment control boxes
  • Truck body equipment
  • Industrial printing equipment
  • Building signage
  • Electronic and digital analysis equipment
  • A variety of decorative and functional metallic fixtures


Forming Processes

Our technicians offer Brake Forming for your CNC forming needs. This type of forming begins with the positioning of raw material between a punch and die in a brake press or press brake machine. Precise application of force using CNC control allows the punch to press the metal into the die to form the specified shape.

Secondary Services Offered by Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Company

We provide a range of secondary value-added services to complement our metal forming services and offer our customers a one-stop solution that meets all of the requirements of their project. Our secondary services include:


Machining processes often produce sharp edges or material compression during execution in the form of burrs. Burrs negatively impact the functionality, longevity, effectiveness, and safety of parts and components. To remove unwanted material, we use specialized tools to clean up edges after machining or welding. This ultimately prevents accidents, improves product performance, and enhances aesthetics.

Hardware Assembly

Assembly is a common step following production of individual components. We provide this service in-house using welding, adhesive binding, rivets, or threaded fasteners. Our familiarity with the components enhances the quality, functionality, and longevity of the assembled product.


Our team uses band saws or cold saws to cut metal. Our band saws can cut a variety of materials and volumes precisely, but band saws tend to produce some burring on the cut edges. We use a cold saw for applications that require minimal burring, but these saws can handle far less product volume.


Shearing includes upper and lower blades which are forced past each other to cut straight stock. Shearing produces very precise lines in flat metal by cutting with minimal burring.


The tapping process cuts or forms threads on the inside surface of a hole, enabling the hole to receive threaded fasteners. Various thread types can be tapped, including, straight (ribbed/corrugated appearance), angular, and spiral.


CNC Forming from Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Company

Our goal at Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Company is to provide our customers with precision forming that meets the demands of their project. Our precision CNC forming equipment allows us to meet tight tolerance specifications, and our secondary services provide added value to our customers through an in-house one stop solution.

For more information about our precision forming and secondary services, please contact us.

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