CNC Punching

CNC PunchingWelded Sheet Metal Specialty has punch presses to create precise holes in workpieces by forcing punches—tools made from hardened tungsten carbide or steel—through a substrate. The shape of the hole depends on the shape of the die on the other side of the substrate, which supports the perimeter of the intended hole. The die targets the force of the punch press to shear a clean-edged hole.

Computer numerical control (CNC) punch presses automate the punching process. Each of these systems follows automated instructions to punch holes in workpieces ±5,000 tolerance at a rate of 600 hits per minute – up to 0.25 inch plate. CNC machines offer methods for automated machining, resulting in faster and more accurate production.


Benefits of Punching

Despite the variables, the punching process is simple. It’s one of the most popular machining processes for creating holes. Here are some of the most valuable benefits of using punching to cut clean, precise holes from sheet metal:


  • Speed.  The punching process involves a single, quick operation for each hole. CNC punching has a fast per-unit production speed, and progressive stamping allows even more pieces to be finished within a set period.
  • Quicker setup.  Progressive die stamping only requires one stage to set up the process, which means initial runs of new products or new designs can get started faster.
  • Lower cost-per-part.  By using a continuous material feed via progressive die stamping, the cost-per-part associated with punching operations can be significantly reduced.
  • Reduced material waste.  Punching wastes less material than other puncturing methods, providing an overall cheaper cost per production unit.
  • Longer production runs.  Punching presses and progressive die stamping processes use continuous feeds for longer, high-volume runs that require less manual intervention.
  • Repeatability.  Punching creates highly repeatable cuts that don’t vary across the length of the production run.


Punching Capacity at Welded Sheet Metal Specialty Co.

Our CNC punch can reach 600 hits per minute, with an accuracy of +/- 0.005 inches. Our punch accommodates steel and aluminum materials up to 0.25 inches thick, with a tolerance of 1/64th of an inch.

We frequently punch light gauge (14/16) sheet metal to form electronic cabinetry, specialty equipment, manufacturing tools and parts, and a variety of consumer and industrial sheet metal products.

For more information about our punching capabilities or other services, please contact us.